Choose Traditional Vinyl Fencing from Top Vinyl Fence Companies


One generally installs fencing to enhance the safety and beauty of their property, and there are different types of fencing materials used for the projects. Fences are always installed outdoors, and this is why you need to ensure that that material can withstand certain conditions and that your fences are long-lasting. Choose a reliable and experienced vinyl fencing company if you are planning to buy traditional vinyl fences.

Quality product

Quality plays a major role because durability depends on it, so investing in durable vinyl fences is not enough, but buying a quality product is most important. Duramax has been manufacturing traditional vinyl fences for over a decade now, so we are sure about what we offer our customers. The vinyl is specially engineered with DuraResin vinyl formulation to withstand the scorching southwest sunrays. These vinyl fences are exclusive because they contain more than 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors. Duramax fences claim the highest UV stability and ability to withstand all weather conditions. If your old fences turned yellow this time, your new vinyl fences wouldn’t have issues turning yellowish anytime soon after installation. Vinyl fences do not attract dust or dirt, and no environmental factors can change their color. If you are searching for fences that would be low maintenance, try installing PVC fences. These traditional vinyl fences do not demand much cleaning. No routine cleaning is needed, and you can wash off with a garden hose or wipe them off. The fences do not change due to impact or heat; even they do not crack under colder temperatures. The fences are manufactured by maintaining all types of standards within the fencing industry. Duramax vinyl fences go beyond the ASTM F964 standards, and this is an apt reason to rely on this product completely.

DuraGrain fencing

If you have a thing for wooden fences, that’s fine, but the challenges of installing those fences are numerous. When exposed to the elements, wood does not last very long. You don’t have to be concerned because vinyl fences that look rustic as wood are now available. However, there is no need to repaint because there are no rotting, termites, wear, or stains. The DuraGrain product is fantastic because it resembles wood and is available in various vibrant colors. Vinyl fences last a lifetime and are an excellent investment. Why do you believe vinyl fences are long-lasting? Duramax traditional vinyl fences are thicker than those made by other manufacturers. The fences also have a strong routing system that locks with every one of its members.

Level up your privacy

If you are looking for privacy, invest in privacy fence panels. The privacy fence panels are manufactured to offer optimum privacy, and you can buy these fences within your budget. These fences are made from durable and high-quality vinyl, which is formulated to stand the heat of the Southwest Sun. When installing these privacy fences with a lot of curb appeal, you can rest comfortably to cut off from your immediate surroundings completely. Duramax offers privacy fences in various sizes, making them easy to choose from and install. When it comes to securing your property, nothing beats sturdy vinyl privacy fences. Now, if you think about why you should invest in vinyl, you must know that wooden fences will wear out within a few years, unlike vinyl fences, and they won’t serve your purpose unless you reinvest. Privacy fence panels are completely different from other fencing, mainly in design. The build ensures a barrier between your property and your neighbor’s. These fences are tall enough and feature substantial infill, resulting in few slat gaps. You can decorate your fences with decorations that match your backyard design to make them more appealing. The top of the fencing has a crisscross for vision, yet it does not cause any distraction. We have a team of installers at Duramax, and we make sure that our fences enhance privacy. Like all of our products, the privacy fence comprises thick vinyl and has a high solid routing system that locks with each component. The seamless locking mechanism eliminates the need for brackets or screws. There are no concerns about decay, termite infestation, wear, or staining. To make your fence project interesting, Duramax Fences designs fences that come in attractive colors.


There are different types of vinyl fences like pool fences, privacy fences, semi-private, white fences, vinyl picket fences, etc. If fencing is on your mind, you must look for a reputed vinyl fence manufacturer. Duramax Fences has been offering fencing solutions all over the USA for more than a decade and customizing fencing according to the requirements of their clients. They are offering free samples for a limited period. Avail yours today to test their product before you buy.