Horse Weather Vanes; Tips for Those Who Have a Kinship to Horsy Inspired Designs

Horse Weather Vanes

A weathervane is a device that is used to observe the direction of the wind. It is generally fitted at the apex of a building or church to show the wind’s direction. Back then, people used to use simple weather vanes on their roofs. With the introduction of the 19th century, they wanted their roof to be more decorative and symbolic, and after that, they used horses in their weather vanes. It is a symbol of their social status or sports. Nowadays, a lot of modifications have been done in the horse weather vanes.

Let’s discuss some more detail about horse weathervanes.

Mechanism of the horse weather vanes

  • On the rooftop, the horse weathervane is installed, which shows the direction of the wind. Just make sure there should not be any obstacles nearby; otherwise, the proper functioning may be disturbed.
  • The construction of the horse weather vane is architectural and attractive. It consists of a rotating structure through which the direction of the wind is observed. There are two spherical structures also attached with the rod in a vertical alignment. Another tool is there in the middle of the two globes that specifies the direction.
  • The horse weather vanes have an arrow in horizontal alignment, and it points at the wind direction by its rotation. The weight distribution in the arrow is uneven. The tail is lighter while the head is on the heavier side so that the lighter tail end catches the wind and the arrow points according to the wind’s directional flow, that is, whether the wind is flowing from north to south so that it points from north to south.

The uses of horse weather vanes

  • Before introducing the horse weather vanes, there were very few options like rooster weather vanes, which are not much appealing. But these horse weathervanes are a great example of arts and designs and are used to decorate the houses, buildings, cupola, garage, shed and make them more eye-catching even from a specific distance.
  • Nowadays, a wide variety of horse weather vanes are available in the markets based on the material. Earlier it was only made up of wood or bronze, but today the main attracting material is copper. Copper makes the weather vane more durable, rust-free which keeps the weather vane good-looking for years. It also enables the horse weather vane at the top of the roof to last for generations without getting damaged, and it is also lightweight, so it can install very easily.
  • The horse weathervane increases the visual appeal, but the material used in this can tolerate harsh weather conditions like storms and protects us from such climatic change by making us aware so that we could shift our belongings.

In short

The horse weathervane looks like a shiny new penny atop the barn. In addition to this, it functions perfectly, and every time shows exact directions from which direction the wind is breezing.