How to Raise the Height of Your Wall

Wall toppers

Extending the height of your existing wall is made possible through fence kits, extensions, or wall toppers. Wall toppers are usually installed in the backyard of the property. Unfortunately, the backyard is the most neglected place and the most preferred for intruders, stray animals, and imposters to venture into your property. A strong wall topper can prevent unnecessary trespassing and protect the place from potential threats. A strong wall topper should not be blown away by winds and stand tall to the weather and other heavy blows and impacts.

Fence extension

Fence kits are a simple and functional way for those who aren’t as savvy with their hands. All you require is to buy a kit and assemble it yourself with the instructions. Assembling these fence extensions is just like assembling furniture at your home. Please be sure to buy a fence kit that fits your wall extension project’s color, size, and purpose.

Wall toppers

Want a fuss-free option for your wall extension project? Use wall toppers. Wall extensions either come individually or in kits. Did you know the vinyl wall topper can get easily customized by professionals? A wall topper made from 100% virgin vinyl can have a wood-grained appearance. It is the DuraGrain material. The DuraGrain wall topper has the cell structure of vinyl but looks like wood with the same feel of smoothness. The DuraGrain wall topper is strong, durable, weather-resistant, and waterproof. They are extremely easy to maintain. A rinse with a garden hose is enough to maintain the fresh look of the wood-grained wall topper with the cell structure of vinyl. These wall toppers don’t rot, stain or attract termites. Duramax’s wall toppers have exceeded the ASTM standards and don’t need constant whitewashing, treatments, and maintenance. If you want a wall topper that’s low maintenance and offers a lifetime of carefree performance, then Duramax is the manufacturer to connect. Duramax Fences’s vinyl wall topper is one of the most preferred choices in the USA.

Weather immune wall toppers

The waterproof wall topper can withstand strong winds, heavy rainfall, and thunderstorms without breaking, sagging, cracking, or falling over. The wall topper can withstand intense heat from the Southwest Sun without warping due to the DuraResin formulation present in Duramax wall toppers. Over 12 parts of Titanium Dioxide and UV inhibitors ensure extreme weather resistivity. As a result, they have the highest rated weatherability and UV stability. Opt for Duramax vinyl fencing if you are looking for enhanced durability and strength. The wall toppers don’t sag, break, warp or dismantle easily. Duramax does not use any external hardware that makes the wall topper smooth and seamless appearance. The wall toppers have a strong routing system, and the interlocking fence panels ensure greater rigidity than other ordinary ones. Unsightly screws and external brackets can damage the wall toppers sooner or later, through blows or high impacts, or even sabotage. That’s why Duramax wall toppers have invisible hardware for security and aesthetics.

Before starting your wall extension project, check the following things

  1. Decide how much part of the wall you want to get heightened. Plan and buy toppers accordingly. If you want to extend your wall on the back end of your yard, you will only require fewer wall toppers than the whole boundary wall requirement.
  2. Contact wall topper manufacturers nearby to get an estimate for the wall toppers you are planning to buy.
  3. Extend the wall toppers to the proper height you would like your wall to be.
  4. Read about the kind of wall toppers available in the market before zeroing on one.
  5. Try to buy vinyl wall toppers that will last you long, even with minimum maintenance.

Summing Up

Wall toppers are an easy way of fulfilling your purpose of raising the existing height of your boundary wall without completely restructuring it. This will save you quite a lot of money and time you spend on other luxuries of life.