Know-How to Buy The Best Weathervane for Yourself

Best Weathervane

Wind vane, weathervane, or a weathercock, whatever you call it, are one of the fascinating instruments trending today. It effectively guides you through the correct wind direction. Weathervanes are now typically being used as architectural ornaments fixed perfectly to the highest point of a building.

History of weathervanes

History stands mute testimony that weathervanes were also used as early as the first century B.C in ancient Greece. Interestingly, one of the earliest weathervanes was first recorded around 48 B.C. It was a bronze sculpture that was then built in Athens. Indeed, created by Greek astronomer Andronicus, it was exquisitely designed to replicate Triton. Triton was the God of Sea in Greek mythology. He first installed it on the top of Athens’s Tower of Winds.

During this period, wealthy Romans and Greek would install the weathervane and adorn their homes with different designs of wind vanes in the shape of the ancient gods.

Why go for a weathervane?

Just imagine the charm you can add to your home with the best quality weathervanes, all designed and made with unique eccentricity. It adds rationality to your house and space. Yes, reflecting an ancient royalty and legacy to your space, the weathervanes can be the perfect choice for adding elegance to your homes.

There are different shaped weathervanes, and luckily, you can buy them in any of the styles you like. Some of the most popular styled weathervanes are:

  • Horse weathervane
  • Car, truck, and airplane weathervane
  • Fish weathervane

While all of these weathervanes have been exquisitely designed and manufactured to suit your house requirements, you have the option to get it customized in the best possible manner.

Horse weathervanes


If you like inherently charming motion, the horse weathervanes are the perfect option for you. These depict the equestrian figures that were highly popular in the late 1800s. Why so? It was because, at that time, horses were one of the major modes for working farms and also transportation. Lately, it is observed that they have become a sporting obsession.

Indeed, it was something that only the wealthy were able to pay. The horse weathervanes also depict the sporting nature of polo, dressage, horse racing, and fox hunting. A royalty that portrayed the nature of ancient obsessions, the horse weathervanes are still the first choice for them. While their likeliness was made into molds, it was then soldered together to recreate the body. Indeed that seems exquisite, right?

The horse weathervanes are one of the most fascinating exquisitely designed figures which are individually handcrafted. You can choose from the mesmerizing copper horse weathervanes or can have custom designs to match your requirements.

Fish weathervanes


A marine lover would find a treasure with them! The fish and whale weathervanes are just the ideal figures you can have to compliment your marine-inspired designed interiors. The fish wind vanes have a darting body with a sleek design, which makes them perfect for installing at any place, with lesser space. Their large juddering tails can easily identify the direction of the wind and, thus, are perfect for coastal admirers.

Indeed, with the fish weathervanes, you can opt to work with a natural world around yourself just by infusing a realistic character to our fish. It is done by perfectly sculpting the true form, details, and lovely texture. You can choose from the wide range of designs available or can come up with your custom design for a fish weathervane that perfectly suits your taste.

Each of the fish weathervane from the Ferro Weathervanes is perfect hand-sculpted and comes with the choice of finish you want and signed and dated by the artist!

Car, truck, and airplane weathervanes


When technology meets traditionality, you are more surprised by its mesmerizing aura, right? It is what is familiar when you are in love with the tech-weathervanes, including the car, truck, and airplane weathervanes. It magnanimously reveals a cultural revelation.

It will not be wrong to say that humans love their machines, and when it is depicted and made with marvelous contraception, it makes your life more comfortable and easier. It is understood by your love for your machine that how much you admire and love owing your vehicle. Remember, your first vehicle! Yes, it gets surmounted with emotions and less with monetary gains, right?

The car, truck, and airplane weathervanes are the perfect choices for you to preserve the emotion you bond with your machine.

The bottom line

You can always preserve the emotions you have with your interests, love, or machines with the help of perfectly designed weathervanes. It is more pronounced with the legacy and traditionality you carry further for your generation. The weathervanes are the best pieces to be installed in your space to reflect an elegant sense of belonging to your legacy.