Things to Understand for Hiring Window Installers in New York

Hiring Window Installers in New York

Both window installation and replacement are important for the sustenance of the house. If your window needs repairing or if you just need to install window, I recommend not to go the DIY route and instead hire an experienced professional who has window installation work in the past.

If you live in New York, window installers are everywhere, finding one is hardly difficult. But you can’t expect all of them to offer the same level of service. Some are reasonably skilled while others are moderate at best. To hire window installers in New York, a little bit of search on the Internet is enough. You can browse through the profiles and contact details of so many professionals.

Hiring guideline

Want to know how you can hire window installers in New York, without having to spend a lot of money and get the work done at ease? Keep reading then.

Here are the important guidelines in a nutshell.

Have everything – related to the work – figured out way in advance. Contractors are highly professional. If you make them work extra, they’ll charge you for that. Better communication can help you eliminate the possibility of extra work. It’s possible when, and only when the entire work – along with all its nitty-gritty – is clear to you. Then you can communicate better with the contractor.

Let’s emphasize on it

If the case above sounds a bit abstract, here’s an example to help you better understand it. Let’s say you want extension jamb outside of the window and there’s a contractor you are thinking of hiring but he is not an expert in these kinds of installation works. Hiring him would be a total waste of money if you didn’t communicate your requirement well in advance. Make sure you have an image in mind – an image of what the window would be like after the installation work. This could help you make better hiring decision.

Get multiple quotes

Don’t stuck with just one installer. Contact multiple installers and get quotes from them. Of course, getting a quote over the phone is as good as getting no quote. Don’t raise your eyebrows already, let me explain why online quotes or quotes given by window installers in New York over phone are pretty much useless.

Yes, you’d describe what your window is like and what kind of change you want over the phone but verbal description is no substitute for site visit. So make sure the contractor gives you a quote only after visiting your house and inspecting the window or the soon-to-be-installed site for the window. The more quotes you receive, the better because installers will offer varied proposals.

Understand the quotes

Now this is a bit tricky. A quote is just a quote; there’s nothing to understand. Price is the only thing, the cheaper the price, the better, right? Well, not really. The products the installer would use and the materials are as important as the price (if not more).

If a contractor assures you that he’d use top quality products and durable raw materials, his bid should be given more value, even if it dwells on the higher end of the cost spectrum, than someone who doesn’t offer such assurance but comes up with an affordable quote.

Don’t sign contract hastily

Do not sign a contract in a rush. Contractors insist house owners to sign contracts quickly. Don’t fall into this trap. Remember, there’s a thing called fine print. Take your time and read all the clauses in the fine print. Oftentimes, contractors put clauses in the fine print that bar them from doing any kind of extra work, even when just a couple of finishing touches are needed. I kid you not, they won’t do it, unless you pay them extra of course.

Another thing to be careful about is the warranty period. A competent and professional contractor should offer workmanship warranty of a few years. If there’s no mention of any warranty period in the contract, ask the contractor for an explanation as to why he didn’t put it there. According to surveys, homeowners who read every clause in the contract carefully are taken seriously by contractors. So, take your time.

References and testimonials

If the contractor doesn’t show you recommendation from previous clients, be upfront and ask him to him references. High skilled window installers in New York have a huge clientele; to get work, they often rely on recommendations, which means if a contractor hesitates to you references or dodges the question, he is probably not worth being hired.

Summing up

All said, trust your instinct. Your gut feeling about a contractor is probably right. If the contractor appears reliable and professional to you, he is probably a talented and capable contractor. Get quotes, ask him about his previous clients and verify every detail he provides. But don’t forget to use your intuitive power when selecting one.