Want to Know How to Buy Curtains? Here is How

How to Buy Curtains

So, you have a thing for window curtains. Spending hours in clothing stores, checking curtains of different shapes and design – some with floral design, some with Roman shades – never bores you.

You are not alone. There are many like you who fancy designer curtains to dress their windows. What I’ve observed is that they are either too picky or don’t know how to bargain, because every time they end up buying something that they later regret.

Consider this article as a buying guide for window curtains.

Proper window dressing

Dream of dressing your window? Want to know what’s the proper way? Well, there’s no proper way. Hundreds of styles are there and it’s for you to decide how to buy curtains, what style to apply, what color to go for, what fabric to choose. Just make sure that your window looks nice and colorful and the curtain is not obstructing the sunlight from entering into your house.

Here are a couple of other things to keep in mind.

Check the heading type

The heading is a very important part of a window curtain. Eyelet Hem heading is among the most popular heading styles today, with an oriental touch to it. Box pleat, pencil pleats and tab top are couple of other heading types and they are quite popular too. I won’t describe these types here to give you a heads up as I’ve assumed you already know about them.

Light and heat Curtains

I am here to help you make a choice. If you like traditional stuff, buy pencil pleats curtains. When these curtains are spread across the length of the window, the folds have a very thin gap between them, adding a traditional touch. Tab top curtains come with fabric loops hanging from the pole. Those who like informal style, go for it. Its benefit is it causes better heat insulation.

Elegance and symmetry

As mentioned before, your proclivity for fashion and sense of style should decide the heading type for your curtain. If you like symmetry and structure, curtains with pinch pleats heading would be suitable for you. These curtains have an overly formal touch to them. Because of the shape of the fold, they look like open bottles from afar. If elegance is your priority, goblet pleat is what you should be after. Folds look fuller, so it is called goblet style.


Select color carefully

I will come to the fabric and upholstery part later. Let’s discuss the color part for now. Window curtains come in all colors, not just in all colors but in all shades of color. If your favorite color is pink, you can easily pick a pink-colored window curtain in the designer store.

The wise thing, however, would be not to choose a curtain based on whether you like that color or not. As a rule of thumb, the curtain color should either be contrasting to the color of your wall, or it will complement the color of the wall. Curtains for patio door should resemble the color of wooden shades. Don’t forget to check the color of your window blinds.

If you like monochromatic color palette, buy curtains with the same color as your wall. If you like variance, bring curtains with different colors. Homeowners are advised to not select an overly loud color as a room should preferably have a serene atmosphere, especially if it’s the living room.

What about the fabric?

The fabric is perhaps the most part of a window curtain. Normally, window curtains are made of linen, cotton, silk, velvet silk, etc. All these materials have their pros and cons, so choose carefully. When choosing the fabric, you need to consider few things such as durability, longevity, heat insulation, decor, etc.


Let’s begin with durability. Cotton is more durable than other fabrics, however, when exposed to sun it tends to wear rather more quickly and window curtains get the sunlight all through the day. Cotton also catches mildew quickly. As you toss out cotton from the list of fabric choices, the next best option is silk. Faux silk is more durable than ordinary silk.

The best part about linen curtains is they are biodegradable, resistant to UV light and repel insects. A lot of people use linen window curtains, the only problem is these curtains are expensive. If the question “how to buy curtain” strikes you, the knowledge in fabric would be needed to answer.

Light and heat

When buying curtain, make sure it offers protection from harsh daylight. It doesn’t completely block sunlight but filters it. Curtains made of coconut shell are excellent for heat insulation. In Asian countries with tropical weather, these curtains are used to keep the room cool and airy.

Summing up

Notice I didn’t prescribe any window curtain, nor that I advocated any particular material. The discussion guides you to buy the kind of curtain that’d be best for you. So follow the discussion here and buy a curtain for your window.